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Hydration by Andy

Hydration is the term used to describe your bodies ability to manage water.
+ If you are well hydrated your body will take the water you drink and from the food consumed and distribute efficiently and effectively to all cells that need it, taking with the water all essential nutrients. A well hydrated body has the ability to use this cellular water to wash out waste products and toxins from the cells and deliver them to the organs of excretion.
– When dehydrated your bodily functions will become more sluggish as water will not be passing through the body as efficiently, nutrients will become unavailable to cells. Waste products will begin to build up to toxic levels and will not be passed through at a healthy rate.
Thirst Reflex
The message you receive from your cells telling you that you are thirsty becomes weaker, meaning you will pass on the opportunity to take a drink of water much less through-out the day. This starts to occur when drinks such as; caffeinated soft drinks, tea, coffee and alcohol are consumed regularly as unlike water they need to be digested.
The loss of a thirst reflex can cause people to over eat as the message gets weaker and weaker and is a reason why many people begin to gain weight. To reset the reflex water needs to be drank at the vaguest point of thirst.
Checking Hydration Levels
To find out if you are hydrated simply ask yourself, are you thirsty? If so it is more than likely you need more liquid. Also just take a moment to check the colour of your urine, If its light yellow to clear you are hydrated, however if it shows brown, red orange the chances are you are dehydrated. Be aware that certain foods and medications can change the colour also. (asparagus, carrots and fava beans).
Signs of Dehydration
Noticeable problems will occur once you become dehydrated, in any aspect of training/sporting performance dehydration is going effect your efforts and lead to not being able to perform at your optimum.
Its highly likely you will suffer with;

Early Fatigue
Difficulty Concentrating.
Water V’s Sports Drinks
Water is a calorie and electrolyte free form of fluid replacement, ideal to replace fluid in low intensity short workouts. Harder high intensity workouts will require sources of carbohydrates and electrolytes which can be combined with water, this is your sports drink. The sodium in sports drinks assists in fluid absorption whilst also replacing sodium lost through sweat.
Replacement of Fluids

The bottom line of all this is, DRINK LOTS OF WATER/FLUIDS the chances of you getting too much are slim.

August 11, 2015


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