Effective ways to get leaner and stay lean.

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June 18, 2015
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Effective ways to get leaner and stay lean.

Perform Weights first in the Gym.
Start with your weight barring activity first and ensure you are at you’re strongest when you lift instead of depleting your glycogen storages with cardio first up so when you do cardio your body will be more likely to burn body fat for energy, helping you get leaner faster.

Mix up your workouts with heavy training and more supersets
Train hard and train fast with supersets, and Tri sets to keep up your intensity and increase your growth hormone response.
Don’t neglect your heavy training of course. Lift heavy with proper form to gain more muscle on your body and have your body burning more calories throughout the day to maintain that extra muscle.

Interval Training
High Intensity Interval Training has been shown to burn more calories during the following 24 hours than low intensity steady state cardio. It also takes less time. A 20-minute interval session can replace a 35-40 minute steady state cardio session.

Abs are not the only focus
Focus on working your entire body and not just thinking crunches will get you the six-pack you’re after. Every muscle needs total focus.

Stay Hydrated
Just 2 percent dehydration, can have a negative effect of your performance in the gym. Plus, water plays a major role in all bodily functions. If it ain’t working right, it won’t look right. Eight glasses a day is a minimum. Since you’re training and it’s warmer in the summer, go for a gallon a day.

Use Fish Oil
Fish oil can be your secret weapon. Fish oils turn on your fat burning genes (lipolytic genes) which will utilize more fat as energy, reduces inflammation, increases serotonin levels, increasing your natural testosterone levels,

Protein – The first importance
Protein being the 2nd most plentiful macronutrient in your body behind water
Eating protein in your meals helps regulate blood sugar, provides nitrogen for the brain and allows muscles to take in the amino acids they need to recover from training, which means you won’t lose much (or any) muscle mass when you’re trying to drop weight.

When Grocery shopping, shop more in the outside isles
Shopping in the outside isles whilst shopping will be your best selections. You’ll notice the healthiest foods like fresh meats, produce, seafood and dairy products are found in these areas which will best for your health and physique. Even your wallet will thank you

Taking a probiotic supplement every day will help your digestive system break down the foods you eat efficiently.

Focus on Fiber
All your macronutrients are an important factor when it comes to your dietary intake.
Water, protein, carbohydrates and fats are all crucial, but fibre also should never be neglected. High fibrous foods aid your body’s digestion, promote your heart health and keeps you full.
Starts paying attention to your foods labels and eat foods rich in Fibre.

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