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May 31, 2015
Coaching Sessions via Skype or Phone
May 31, 2015

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching

Educating you on healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes to suit your lifestyle.

Nutrition Coaching

We offer a personalised approach to nutrition and lifestyle by addressing your hormonal profile, and using the findings of the Bio Scan 570 as a basis, we discuss your body’s overall health and wellness needs. We address all findings and discuss with you your nutritional needs, providing healthy eating tips and recipes and then look at your current lifestyle and suggest any changes that may be needed.

Training goes hand in hand with nutrition so the focus needs to be on both aspects of your life. If you’re training hard but eating the wrong food then your goals will never realistically be met. Likewise if your training and eating are in alignment but you’re working 16 hour days or not sleeping, then again your fitness goals will not be met. All must be working in harmony and at Express Health and Fitness our personal trainers work with you to obtain and maintain this healthy balance.

We encourage and teach you about eating high quality meat, seafood, eggs, fresh vegetable and fruits and how to produce healthy meals in a simple and balanced way that promote a healthy metabolism that puts an end to cravings or bad habits and help you develop a healthy sustainable attitude towards food.

Lifestyle Coaching

Our vision towards our clients is making a difference and having a positive impact. Our aim and promise to you is to keep you committed to reaching your health and fitness goals!

The steps we will take to get you started after our FREE consult over the phone will be:

  • Health & Fitness Questionnaire
  • Implementing a structured Plan
  • Continuous Email support
  • One coaching call per fortnight

We will educate, direct and inspire and thus empowering you to make change in their lives.

We educate through our movement awareness system that allows us to individualise your program, we provide weekly articles of interest to discuss in our sessions, and we provide access to helpful blogs. Our website and Facebook pages are also portals for information.

We direct by providing you with a plan – not just what we will be doing in our coaching sessions, but what your health and fitness week will look like.
We inspire by proving challenges and helping you to find your reason for change.
All of this empowers you to take change of your health and fitness with our support; that is why we are coaches, not trainers – we do more than set exercises.

The problem we all have when first staying an exercise program is staying motivated. Whether your goal is to loss body fat, gain muscle, gain cardiovascular fitness you probably need a helping hand who can keep you on track and keep you focused on your fitness goals. A personal trainer works with you to keep you on your fitness journey by recognising your physical training needs, nutritional needs and helping you obtain and maintain a committed attitude.

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