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Post Workout Nutrition


When you are trying to build muscle and improve you body, working out is just a part of the battle. When you are exercising and breaking down your muscle your post workout nutrition must be on key to get the full benefits of rebuilding your muscle fibers thicker and stronger.

The best time to consume is one taken with 20 minutes of exercise, preferably an easily digested Protein and Carbohydrate meal.
Eating the right foods and getting in the right nutrients will recover your body quicker and keep your body progressing and getting the results your after whether its fat loss or more muscle your after.

Your post-workout meal are a crucial part of your nutrition because that is when your muscles are going to be hungriest and searching for energy to get the results.
To help keep your body strong and replenished, here are six foods to include in your post workout recovery nutrition:

Chicken Breast – An animal based complete protein ideal for helping your body repair the damage to muscle cells that strength training produces

Sweet potatoes – are a carbohydrate dense food that will replenish your glycogen stores and are loaded with fibre and other important vitamins such as potassium.

Rice –White/Basmati rice are great choices post training to restore glycogen levels. Brown rice is a better choice for the higher fibre carbohydrate choice but post training your body will be soaking those carbohydrates up like a sponge so at this time the white option is a good one.

Pineapple – Pineapples are a lower fructose type of fruit that contain high amounts of vitamin C and manganese.
These tropical fruits also contain bromelain (an enzyme), which has been found to help your body digest food and absorb nutrients more efficiently, as well as being extremely effective at healing issues in the gastrointestinal tract

Whey Protein – a superior choice of protein for post workouts. A good quality liquid source of protein with a complete amino acid profile will keep you on the road to quicker recovery.

Eggs – The body needs a good high protein source post workout for the rebuilding phase. Egg whites contains good quantity of proteins and essential amino acids along with various vitamins. Amino acid helps to rebuild damaged tissues after intense workout. I say Egg whites and not the yolks for post training to get the protein in quick as opposed to having the yolk slow the process even though the yolk contains the majority of nutrients in the egg.

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