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June 23, 2015
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July 12, 2015

Some Brain damaging facts

Some Brain damaging facts

Skipping Breakfast

Your bodies demand for food after being in a fasted state is crucial and has such a big impact on the activities you perform throughout the day. After your 6-8 hours sleep your brain is in need of essential nutrients to give it the kick start it needs get you functioning well. Give your brain the fix it needs with a good balanced healthy breakfast


Overeating will cause havoc to us all biochemically creating us to go through craving cycles and will increase the risk of other factors such as, obesity, mood swings, diabetes, metabolic rate cooling down, heart failure. Your body will go through an initial rise of Dopamine then coming to a crash creating imbalance in your body

Eating excess sugar

Whilst sugar has a big impact on our waistlines and heart health in excess amounts it always has been proven to have an impact on our brain health.
Some known causes of excess sugar consumption: Impairing memory and learning skills, contributes to depression and anxiety, messes with the neurotransmitters that help keep our moods balanced, cell degeneration, depression, diabetes

Lack of sleep

Everyone knows sleep is crucial to functioning at your optimal level. Its during our time of rest that our brain will release out toxins. Lacking sleep will also disturb cell regeneration causing brain cells to die and can cause other conditions such as cognitive impairment.


The good old fresh air and breathing it in, in our current environment is full of toxic gases with little oxygen in it. In order to get our oxygen in that is what’s needed yet we also get an unfortunate dose of the polluted air with it.


Smokers have the addiction to smoking due its release of Dopamine in the brain only to also cause thinning of the cortex which is associated with anxiety, depression, memory impairment and risking Alzheimer’s disease and cancer

Working whilst sick

During sickness our body is working hard to release the bacteria and strengthen our immune system to get us feeling well but not letting your body focus on this as the main priority

Lack of brain stimulation

Don’t let your brain shrink. Use it or lose it as the saying goes. Keep up your regular brain stimulating activities such as writing, thinking, talking and general brain conditioning activities and use your brain how its meant to be used.

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