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Personal Training

What does Personal training involve?

Clients choose personal training because it takes all the guesswork out of their training program. At Express Health and Fitness we have an initial consultation where we discuss any health issues you may have, discuss your lifestyle and work style, nutrition regime and what goals you are hoping to achieve from working with a personal trainer. From there we tailor a program that is designed just for you. At this initial assessment you will do a light workout so we can see any potential areas of concern, areas of strength and weaknesses.

From there it’s easy, all you need to do is turn up for your personal training session and we will help ensure you meet your health and fitness goals. Whether you just want to tone up a little, lose a few kilos or you want to get your fitness to competition level, your personal trainer will work with you to help you achieve this.

Working with a personal trainer helps keep you committed and motived as your personal trainer puts together challenging workouts designed to help you push the limits every time.

These sessions will be adapted as you improve and we continuously consult with you regarding your likes and dislikes, level of satisfaction, and feedback regarding your training sessions. We are passionate about working with our clients to transform their bodies and help them reach their true potential.

Is Personal Training affordable?

At Express Health & Fitness personal training sessions and Semi Private Training are by appointment only with one of our highly qualified and experienced personal trainers. Pay by the session or in advance, with packages to suit all individual needs.

30 minute, 45 minutes and 60 minute sessions available.

Some people think a Personal Trainer is expensive but don’t realise they are spending more money each week on things detrimental to their health such as – alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, junk food, expensive restaurants and not to mention hospital bills!

How Often Should I train?

Some people work out daily, and others meet with their personal trainer once a week, however we do recommend, that to achieve your training goals a commitment of a minimum of 2 personal training sessions per week be attended.

Personal training with tailored individual training programs brings you a step closer each time to achieving your fitness goals and improved health. During your personal training sessions your trainer will focus on fat burning and strength training techniques.

Book your Personal Training session now!

Give us a call to come in and discuss your training needs. Our Gold Coast personal trainers are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of personal training and will assist you with the drive and focus you will need to achieve your goals.

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